The song «Bemor» in Russian became a hit abroad!
Date: 06-05-2012

Spread rumors that the song Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev «the soul is sore» became a hit song in Azerbaijan and Armenia. To confirm the reality of this hearing, we decided to spend some of studies and eventually convinced the validity of this information. Song Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev «the soul is sore» is presented on the video site Youtube, which occupies a certain level in Internet world, watching of this song has reached 300 thousand visitors, which naturally attracted the attention of many people. It is not often possible to observe such a result. This result is inspired Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev and now he engaged in his creativity to create even better songs.

Ulugbek after his quite song, now bring you a smile!
Date: 24-04-2012

Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev, who made his fans cry with the song «Layloyimsan», now wants to give a smile and joy by inviting cute Uzbek girls to merry dance. Despite the fact that recently introduced the song «Layloyimsan» has now become a hit, Ulugbek decided to give his fans another song. The new song «Qizlar ismi» marks with the names of girls.
Listening of this song, many Uzbek girls will be able to hear their names. Ulugbek, who tries to please the fans of different generations, today is preparing for his solo concert program and also preparing to release his new album. Later, we will write in detail about this news. Now you can listen to and appreciate the song in the "Audio" section.

New videos!
Date: 02-04-2012

Now we are presenting to you not one but two video clips. Videos of Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev «Layloyimsan» and soundtrack «Shirin orzu» for the film «Aql va Yurak» have their place in the section «Video» of our website. We represent you to view these videos and please leave your comments and suggestions. You can also listen to the song «Layloyimsan» in mp3 format in «Audio» section. We hope that you’ll like our musical gifts.

New videoclip


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