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Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev Ibragimovich was born on January 29, 1982 in Tashkent, near the old town area in an intelligent family of five children: three sons and two daughters. Ulugbek is the third child in the family. In early childhood, Ulugbek was seen in one of the publications of the country. Perhaps from this point began the first steps of the Uzbek music star Ulugbek Rakhmatullaev. Even when he went to kindergarten was a "leader" of the "music group", which included girls. Since 1989, he began studying at the secondary school № 265 at Yunusabad area. In connection with the move to another part of the city, from the third grade he continued studying at the secondary school № 8 at Nazarbek district. His interest and love for music was noticed from school years. He received only excellent marks on musical subjects. Once again, in connection with the move to another place, from the sixth grade he studied at the secondary school № 129. In ninth grade, he enrolled to the "Nafis Sanat" lyceum under the name of Alisher Navoi, which is located in Chilanzar area and continued his studies there. In 1998 Ulugbek went back to high school № 8 at Nazarbek district. The reason for frequent change of schools was not that he poorly studied, but the fact that he was a very mischievous child.

In 1999 he entered to the Institute of Oriental Studies, Faculty of History. During studies at the Institute fulfilled childhood dream of Ulugbek. This was familiar with his mentor and teacher Farrukh Badalbaev. The first song he wrote in 2000 at "Tarona Records" studio. The name of the song is "Bu alam". As a result of many years work with the teacher Farrukh Badalbaev he learned to work at a professional level. The first work written for Ulugbek by Farrukh Badalbaev is the song "Yorim". This song was written during 9 months.

In 2006 Ulugbek met with the chief editor of "Zamin FM" radio Oybek Aliev and thanks to him he signed a contract with the studio "Pan terra" for the first time.

In 2007, 6-7 may Ulugbek with his friend the singer Sardor Rahimkhon issued a joint concert "Yaqinlarimga" at concert hall "Halqlar Dostligi" (which is now called "Istiqlol").

In 2007, in August, he won the state award "Nihol", which was created by esteemed President of our country Islom Abduganievich Karimov, in order to support the youth of our country. In late 2007 he was awarded the "M & TVA-2007" in the nominations of "The best singer of the year", and "The best video of the year". He was also a winner of many other prizes.

In May 24, 2010, he was married. In September 25 of that year, he made his first solo concert "Kapalak."

During these years he has released several audio albums such as "Sevma" 2006, "Sen ketding" 2008, "Kapalak" In 2010, he presented to the attention of his fans live video of "Yaqinlarimga" and "Kapalak" concert programs performances.

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